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The feeling of wearing a new bra for the first time is underrated. Why does noone talk about how great it feels to take on the day with a new bra on? Whether it’s a strapless bra, backless bra, sports bra or push up bra, a new bra brings a kind of joy that we don’t get from anything else. There’s something about a nice new bra that makes us feel invincible. If it’s time for you to buy new underwear then why not shop sustainably? A lot of the time people don’t think of bras when it comes to sustainable fashion, but it’s still super important to keep sustainability in mind when you’re shopping for new bras. Plenty of fast fashion brands exploit garment workers making underwear, not just regular clothes. You’ll find strapless bras, backless bras, sports bras, and push up bras on the Whering marketplace, all from ethical brands that have the planet in mind throughout the manufacturing process. Shop bras made by people paid a fair wage, working in safe conditions. Let’s be honest, we usually don’t buy new underwear very often, so when it’s time to invest we want to get it right. It couldn’t be easier to find sustainable bras for your every need, including strapless bras, backless bras, sports bras or push up bras on the Whering marketplace. What kind of bra do you need? Are you wearing a strappy top that requires a strapless bra so your top can steal the show? Shop ethically made strapless bras for when you need a subtle bra that lets your outfit take centre stage. If you’re looking for a backless bra, we’re jealous of wherever you’re going. People only need backless bras when they’re wearing stunning dresses for fancy events or funky tops for festivals, and that’s a fact of life. You can find backless bras to save the day on the Whering marketplace. You may not be able to see it, but the backless bra deffo has your back when you need it most. For the gym goers out there, we have a variety of sports bras made to endure the good, the bad and the ugly parts of your workout. In other words, our partner brands have designed high quality sports bras made to last, so you can take on your work out with confidence. Buy sports bras from our ethical brands Pangaia and Pantee so you and the planet can stay healthy. Anyone part of the small boob club, we get it. Sometimes a push up bra is needed. We’re all for embracing our bodies and breast size, but a little push up bra can work wonders for those that feel they need it. We have a selection of sustainably made push up bras to help you feel your best for yourself, because any day is a good day to wear a push up bra if you want to, don’t save it just for your Tinder date. We know that sustainable bras can be expensive and people don’t always want to invest in ethical intimates, but it’s a good place to start working on your sustainable wardrobe if you can afford it.

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