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Birkenstocks are a cult classic shoe, there’s no denying it. Birkenstock sandals are a must have for pretty much all of us. Comfortable and durable, the classic Birkenstock is an investment you won’t regret. You can find birkenstocks in Boston and birkenstocks in Arizona- as well on the Whering Marketplace, thanks to our vintage partner brands bringing you unique and retro Birkenstock sandals and more. Most outfits can work with a pair of Birkenstocks, it’s a fail safe shoe. Pair Birkenstocks with denim shorts, long or short- for the classic summer look. Birkenstock sandals also work really well with skirts and dresses when you’re feeling a little fancy. If you’re not going for full on summer vibes, they go great with trousers too for that chilled yet stylish look. Your options really are endless. The great thing about Birkenstocks, including Birkenstock sandals, Birkenstock clogs, and Birkenstock low shoes is that they are great quality. You can trust that Birkenstocks have been made with care and quality in mind. When buying shoes it’s super important to make sure you know they work with most things in your closet. Birkenstocks are the perfect investment shoe for when you’re ready to buy something to love long term. So many shoes are made with non biodegradable materials sold for cheap prices at the expense of garment workers. That’s why we’re partnering with shoe brands and vintage retailers that stock quality made shoes with the environment and people in mind so you can walk through life guilt free. Birkenstock sandals, available to purchase in Birkenstock’s store in Boston and Birkenstocks Arizona, really are the only shoe you need for summer. They’re so comfortable and stylish so you know they’ll be a go to shoe all summer long. Birkenstocks aren’t a summer exclusive, there are plenty of styles including Birkenstock clogs and Birkenstock low shoes that are perfect for the cooler months. If the TikTok girls are doing it, then so are we. Everyone has become obsessed with the Birkenstock low shoes and we can definitely see why! They’re ideal for all seasons, so why not invest in some quality birkenstocks? When buying anything it’s super important to make sure it reflects your style so you can wear it with all your favourite pieces and get proper wear out of it. *Enter Whering* We’re here to make it easier than ever to see and style future purchases with what you already own using our ‘Wear It With’ feature.

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