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A new bikini feels like the start of summer, but let’s be honest, we don’t need that many bikinis. New bikini sets always catch our eye, but this year we’re practising sustainable shopping and only buying what we need. Invest in quality and ethically made bikinis to last you years to come, rather than buying them all from fast fashion sites every time the sun comes out. You’ll find all the bikini styles you could want on Whering, including high waisted bikinis, tankinis, mini knicker bikinis, sporty bikinis, asymmetrical bikinis and more. If you’re searching for bikinis for women, we have something for you. Whering always understands the bikini assignment. We’ve been partnered with some of the hottest sustainable bikini brands for years and we’re confident they deliver every time. Swimwear doesn’t have to be made using non biodegradable materials that harm the environment and animals, using harsh chemicals and unnatural dyes. Whether it’s a bikini set, high waisted bikini or anything in between, we believe bikinis can be different, which is why we’re proud to partner with sustainable bikini businesses making a positive impact on the planet. Shop stunning, stylish and sustainable bikinis, high waisted, low waisted, colourful, classic and everything all your mind can think of on the Whering Marketplace. Who said Bikinis can’t be ethical and cute? We’ve found some seriously gorge bikinis and bikini sets to prove being ethically sourced doesn’t mean it’s not on trend. Sustainable bikinis are all the range, trust us when you see the styles we’ve got on the marketplace. If you’re heading to the beach, pool party, poolside bar or boat- you’ll feel like a million dollars (and better yet, Mother Nature would approve). What do you prefer, the pool or the beach? Wherever your heart lies, a good bikini makes any experience so much better. Everybody is a bikini body, which is why investing in a quality bikini you truly love can make you feel so much more confident. Your body deserves to be loved and celebrated, and here at Whering we’re doing everything we can to partner with brands that not only prioritise sustainability but also size inclusivity. You’ll find high waisted bikinis and bikini sets in an extensive range of sizes, as we’re keen to make sure there’s plenty of bikini options for everyone. If you haven’t been on a fast fashion site for a new bikini this year, we’re proud of you. It’s easy to get sucked into the low prices, but you know bikini sets from fast fashion sites do not deliver on quality and will leave you wanting more. Sustainable bikinis are better for the planet and your bank account, as you’ll only have to make a one time purchase rather than buying a new bikini every year. Even when shopping sustainably, it’s important to only make purchases you actually need. That’s where Whering comes in! See and style what you already own to make considered purchases you’ll love long term. We’re the future of sustainable fashion!

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