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Our ears prick up when we hear the words ball gown. Any excuse to wear a ball gown is always exciting, if a little daunting. That’s why it’s great to spend time finding the perfect ball gown dress that never goes out of style so you can be a #outfitrepeater and proud with a stunning ball gown to turn heads. All thanks to our partners Vestiaire Collective, Lampoo, Wolf & Badger and Beyond Retro we have red ball gowns, green ball gowns, black ball gowns and more for a variety of prices to suit different budgets. No matter your style, the Whering marketplace has a ball gown for you. If you’re looking for a red ball gown to bring out your sultry side then look no further. We have a whole host of red ball gowns from vintage and preloved luxury brands that you will LOVE. If red ball gowns aren’t your vibe, you can find a classic green ball gown dress on our marketplace too! You can never go wrong with a green ball gown, a fresh colour with earthy neutral undertones to compliment your skin. All thanks to Wolf & Badger partnering with hundreds of designers and ethical brands, there’s so many gorgeous ball gown dresses to suit any event. Whether it’s a charity ball, fundraiser, gala or fancy dinner- a ball gown is sure to impress. If you don’t normally wear a ball gown (because tbh, who does) then you could always look into the option of renting a ball gown. Thanks to our rental partner Rotaro, there’s plenty of ball gowns to rent on Whering. We support investing in pieces that you can love long term, and if a ball gown isn’t that- then maybe you could rent one! Or, for an even more affordable option, why not borrow one from a friend? If they’re a similar size to you, there’s nothing stopping you. Sharing is caring! When was the last time you wore a ball gown dress and felt beautiful? Once a year everyone should have an excuse to dress in a ball gown and feel glamorous for a night. We’re not going as far as suggesting you wear your ball gown to the supermarket, but if you don’t have anywhere to wear a ballgown then why not host an event with friends? Just a harmless idea if your ball gown dress is collecting dust in the closet… Whether you’re dreaming of a red ball gown or a green ball gown, it’s always tempting to invest in a new one any time you’re invited anywhere that warrants wearing a ball gown. We know how exciting buying a new ball gown can be, but it’s not sustainable to buy a new ball gown dress every event you get invited to. That’s why our editors have curated a selection of timeless and stylish ball gowns, all sustainably sourced, so you can look stunning and feel good, knowing you’ve done your bit for the planet. As well as it being ethically unsustainable to buy a new ball gown every year or so, it’s also not financially sustainable! Take care to invest in a ball gown you will love long term so you can whip out your red ball gown whenever you need. Our ‘Wear it With’ feature helps you try before you buy, so you’re next ball gown will be here to stay.

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