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Did someone say tote bag?! If you’re a fellow tote bag lover, we know you’ll be excited by our range of bags including vintage and ethically made bags to make you swoon. We’ve got a bag for everyone, from the tote bag besties to the designer bag lovers looking for Gucci bag, or the holiday maker trying to find the perfect beach bag. Maybe you’re more of a Valentino bag kind of person? Find the Valentino bag of your dreams on the Whering Marketplace. For those who want the best of both worlds, designer chic vibes and a laid back chill look, you’ll find the marc jacobs tote bag and similar styles on the Whering Marketplace. For the brand lovers out there, we know you’re looking for the Gucci Bag you’ve always wanted. Shop your favourite brands on Whering and discover one of a kind vintage bags with everything from Gucci bags, designer beach bags, Marc Jacobs tote bags and Valentino bags. A good bag can seriously level up your outfit game, and no designer bag, albeit a Gucci bag or a Valentino bag, ever fails to make us feel like a true fashionista. Not that you need brands to be fashionable, but sometimes it makes us feel a little fancy. Investing in a quality bag, maybe one by Gucci and Valentino, is super important when it comes to buying a good beach bag or any other type of bag. You can be sure that if you love the bag it will follow you to tons of different places and climates, so you need to make sure it’s durable and high quality or you’ll start to see signs of breakage. The Whering Marketplace has plenty of bags made by designers as well as quality vintage bags, so there’s something for everyone’s budget. Tote bags aren’t just an accessory, they’re a lifestyle choice. You’ve seen the Twitter memes, but the highlight of our weekend is always taking our silly little tote bag out to buy our little coffee. The girls that get it, get it. If you’re wanting to up your game but not ready to let go of the beloved tote bag vibes, the Marc Jacobs Tote bag is a great option. Shop deadstock vintage Marc Jacob tote bags on the Whering Marketplace and find the tote bag of your dreams. Heading to the beach anytime soon? If the answer is yes we are extremely jealous! Imagine heading down to the white sands, flip flops and sunnies on, with the sun beaming down on you. You know it’s the best feeling in the world that could be made even better if you had a trusty beach bag by your side. Take all your valuables to the beach, and a bat and ball of course, and have a blast with a gorgeous beach bag that has space for all the essentials. No holiday is complete if you’re not prepared for anything, so you’ll need a beach bag that has room for everything you might possibly need. If you’re not big into large beach bags, there’s some smaller ones for the carefree queens out there, who prefer to show up at the beach and see where the day takes them.

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