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We’re feeling all the boho vibes with ankle bracelets. Shop a variety of jewellery on Whering, including ankle bracelets. We’ve got everything from gold ankle bracelets, silver ankle bracelets, pandora ankle bracelets to name a few. Just when you thought you’d pulled out all the stops to accessorise your look, you can add even more bling with ankle bracelets. Are you a gold or silver person? It’s so hard to choose, but we suggest experimenting with both (trying on in store or borrowing from friends rather than buying and never wearing again) to find out which one suits your skin tone best. Gold suits those with warm toned skin and silver looks better for people with cooler undertones. Take the time to think about whether you want to invest in a gold ankle bracelet or silver ankle bracelet before you purchase one to last a lifetime. If you want to buy from a brand you can trust, you can find quality Pandora ankle bracelets on our marketplace thanks to our luxury resale partners. There’s no better feeling than coming out of the shower and getting ready for an evening dinner on holiday after spending all day in the sun. Who doesn’t love planning gorgeous outfits to feel their best on holiday and impress friends and family with cute outfits on your trip. To make this feeling even better, level up your outfit game with an ankle bracelet, the piece of jewellery your look is missing. People often view ankle bracelets as tacky jewellery you only impulse buy on holiday and never wear again, but we think they’re a great addition to your wardrobe for all summer long. An ankle bracelet is the perfect way to compliment your tan. There’s no denying the gold ankle bracelet looks stunning when you have a bit of a summer glow. We’re not saying we don’t love a silver ankle bracelet, but we’re partial to a little gold moment when the sun comes out. Here at Whering, we’re all about dressing how you like, but we’re not hugely into mixing silver and gold, so it’s always good to think about what jewellery you wear most and match your ankle bracelet to that. Ankle bracelets are easy to style and they add effortless bohemian energy to your outfit. Wearing sandals and shorts to let your ankle bracelet pop is the perfect way to draw attention to it. Ankle bracelets are just another subtle way for you to indicate that you’ve got style. But what will you choose? The gold ankle bracelet or the silver ankle bracelet? Whichever you’re going for, buy an ankle bracelet you can trust from brands such as Pandora. Did you know low quality jewellery, including ankle bracelets, is often made from poor and unethical materials that cause the ankle bracelet to break quickly and end up in landfill? When it comes to jewellery, it’s so important to invest in quality pieces to last you a long time, so you don’t end up throwing it away and wasting the resources and energy spent making it. That’s why we love Pandora ankle bracelets because they’re made to last. Choosing ethical ankle bracelets is easy with the Whering marketplace. We’ve scoured the web to bring you all the most ethical and sustainable jewellery you could ever want, so instead of switching between sites, you’ll find everything you need on the Whering Marketplace.

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